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Baur, manufacturer of BMW bodies since the 1930s, presented the very first 3 series cabriolet in 1977. Less than 5,000 units of this 'TC1' were manufactured. Or -to be precise- converted. Baur always bought 'ordinary' ready-made series BMWs to convert them into cabriolets. This is probably the explanation for the rather exclusive pricing of the Baur cabriolets. And for the fact, that they were registered as 'normal' 3 series cars in Germany. Which implies, that -unlike other cabriloet models- insurance was not more expensive than for 3 series cars with roof.
In 1982 Baur presented their most successful model ever made: The 'TC2' based on the two-door E30. Later some Coupé and four-door prototypes were made.
Frequently although not regularly we publish articles on Baur cabriolets in our club-mag "Der Doppelscheinwerfer" (however, currently available in German language only). So we are always interested in new stuff about and all around Baur cabriolets. Contact us!

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