BMW 316, Modelljahr 1978/79
BMW 323i, Modelljahr 1980/81, © by Andreas Gutknecht, Eschershauser Weg 27G, 14163 Berlin
Although BMW lately started to believe something different (and we wonder, why BMW called the vehicle they now consider to be the first 3 Series model -02 instead of 3 Series):
For us the E21 still is and will always be the first 3 Series BMW ever made. It was in production from June 1975 until December 1983, sales even lasted until mid-1984 (since September 1982 in parallel to the E30). Additionally, the E21 was the first BMW model to surpass the magic limit of one million units to be produced (a total of 1.364.039 E21 were manufactured; about 50% of them were exported). Although designed about 30 years ago, it still lokks and feels quite fresh and modern. Unfortunately it does - most people do not consider the E21 to be a collector's item yet. So too many e21s (in germany more than 99% of all vehicles ever sold) were scrapped. Less than 4,200 E21 are still on the road in germany.
If you are interested in precise numbers, you can find them in one of the next editions of our club-mag "Der Doppelscheinwerfer" (currently available in German language only).

Let's step back in time. For about three decades. When the E21 started it's life. Let's read once again, what car tests said about the 02-successor in 1975 or watch the first commercial spot for the E21.

In our club about 40% of all cars are E21 models. Rather rare and so pretty good candidates to become collector's items are BMW 318i, 320/4, 320i/4, 323i, Alpina B6 2,8 and Baur TC1 as well as the limited special versions "Edition E" and "Edition S".

Those interested in still existing E21 Automobiles, probably will enjoy our E21 photo gallery.